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Peach's Kingdom.

Which bathroom has the vibrating shower head?

Results suggest you are actually a pink triangle.

Triangles are strong and assertive, goal-orientated and individualistic. Triangles enjoy planning and achieving results, but often have hidden depths and surprises.

You are generally a big picture person, often focused on the long term but forgetting the small details of the day-to-day. You are highly motivated and love to succeed. When you are given a task, you will set yourself a very specific goal and work on a plan to achieve it.

The triangle is the ultimate symbol of leadership, the shape that denotes power. Female triangles are fiercely independent and tend to do things for themselves.

Triangles are focused, and sharp and their minds can process information quickly. They are highly ambitious and are often very successful. On the flip side, triangles tend to be egotistical, and should try to avoid sweeping others aside in their drive to succeed.

Your color is pink. Traditionally the color of femininity, pink denotes a sensitive, caring side to your personality. Even if you don't always show it, you are deeply caring and, being pink, you are less likely to ride rough shod over the needs and emotions of others than a darker colored triangle. You are a little bit of a worrier, and this spills over into worrying about your health, though you always make sure you look after yourself so that you can be there for others.

Peach is Princess Love

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